Receiving reliable, actionable alerts is your #1 priority


Being reliably alerted of an outage or major degradation is #1 priority for you, so we have made it our #1 priority too.

We ensure that we send the right alert, at the right time, to the right people, with the right information. An alert that you can act on to quickly restore your service. We don't overload you with information, we don't alert when you when there is a minor fault, we do keep the noise to a minimum.

We believe there is elegance in our simplicity.




Monitor native apps on real devices using PagePulse Mobile. Mobile is now a key channel so ensure your customers are getting a great experience and be notified the moment they are not.

PagePulse Mobile →


Monitor complex user flows with PagePulse Web and be reliably alerted when there is problems that are effecting your customers.  

PagePulse Web 


PagePulse API allows you to monitor API endpoints that could be published internally or for customer consumption. Monitor them individually or part of a more complex flow.

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Success Stories

Air New Zealand

"We're ahead of the eight ball now and receive reliable alerts very early in the piece."

university of sydney

"PagePulse puts my technical staff on the front foot, alerting them as soon as there is an issue affecting the delivery of our critical services to our customers."


"The PagePulse service allows us to be proactive, rather than reactive."


"PagePulse reveals our customers experience by providing insightful reporting and reliable alerts when it really matters."


Features & Capabilities



We can send Email, SMS, Voice or Push notifications to inform you of problems with your service after triple checking the fault


maintenance free

We do the set up and any ongoing maintenance so all that you have to do is act on the alerts when you receive them


24 / 7 / 365

Its always on. PagePulse never sleeps so that you can


zero install

The monitoring occurs outside your firewall, where your clients are, so there is no need to install anything


complex monitoring

We excel at complex monitoring so much so that we have built a pseudo scripting language to cater for our clients requirements allowing us to use dynamic variable and logical blocks


Asia Pacific focus

We have a large number of monitoring points in the Asia Pacific region both last mile and back bone connections. This gives you a reliable reflection of availability


Keeping vendors honest

A single point of impartial truth that will keep all vendors honest no matter how complex the environment



If you require historic information jump on our portal and review the last 13 months of data